What is Compost?

Updated on January 24, 2022
a person putting household waste into a compost bin

You plant trees and want them to grow. The trees then expand their roots under the ground and transfer the necessary minerals and nutrients to their bodies from the soil. The soil helps every tree to grow this way but the amount of nutrients it has is not unlimited. The soil needs to replenish its nutrients slowly and naturally. But there’s an amazing product that can help soil do this fast and properly, and it’s the compost. You might wonder what is compost. Don’t worry. To know what compost is, keep reading. 

What Exactly is Compost?

Compost is an organic product. You can use food and vegetable scraps, leaves, animal products, and decompose them to create compost. Any organic product will decay slowly but in this strategy, the process of decaying will be much faster.

Normally the food or vegetable scraps get decomposed thanks to the helpful micro-organisms that stay in the environment. But this process is rather slow. Speeding up this decaying process is composting’s specialty. The compost provides an ideal environment for those microorganisms, and you get an amazing end product to make the soil enriched with nutrients that will help grow your trees. This is so useful that farmers and gardeners love to call it ‘black gold’. 

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